As more years pass by I just can’t understand the thought process of some fans … This doesn’t pertain to Boyfriend but *sighs* 

So this singer has a baby with someone he has been seeing on and off for many years. He stepped up and is very supportive for his child he just had with her….So when I go on instagram and see updates of his photo with his newborn baby I see these comments from fans saying “his name + another actresses name + his sons name”  ….. I thought to myself ….why are they putting the wrong name for the mother?? Then I realized some of the fans do not want him to be with the mother, they want him to take his baby and marry another actress he did a series with and let them become a family…………………………

I know they love him and his costar as an OTP together and I know OTPs are cute to have and see but when it comes to real life shit keep the OTP away… The fans said something along these lines in the comment section ” I know S is the mother of your child but I want A (the co-star) to be your sons mother instead and you guys should marry cus she loves kids anyway and it would be perfect”…………………..Do you know how awkward that is… how do you even know the actress he did a series with even likes him in that way and your bombarding him with comments saying he should marry his co-star cus you want your OTP to be real. I am not over thinking this shit cus its a whole bunch of comments saying his name + his costar + his babys name should be a family…….

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Receiving this tag from  (sorry it’s late I barely noticed it a couple days ago >.< Thank you for tagging me

Share five random things about yourself then pass it along to ten of your favourite/new favourite blogs

1. I buy hoard craft supplies that I only use once in awhile 
2. Love alpacas & have started a very small collection of them
3. Pasta, seafood, and iced coffee is my everything ( ˘▽˘)っ♨
4. I love the Cathy’s Book series, I wish there was more of them 
5. Gackt makes my body tingle (ノ>▽<。)ノ

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"Why am I tangled in the past...I can't live even if I wanted to"

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